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We continue to preserve and modernize the cultural and touristic heritage delivered to us from our parents.

The high constantly rising level of offered services enlists our office first in central Greece, regarding its financial activity but also the quality of the services offered, proving that it consists from experienced executives and has certainly and positively contributed in tourism growth in the area. 

Since 1980 Leventis Hospitality with its tourist office has made Pelion known in all of Europe and with its promotional actions has indeed contributed to a huge level to the local economy, since the average number of customers serviced up to date has exceeded 10000, all with the exclusive assistance of the company`s internal organization.

Since 2016 the third generation of the Leventis family has been introduced that with the expert and modern knowledge they have acquired from their studies on modern technologies and their knowledge as well as experience on tourism and entrepreneurship combined with the support and valuable experience of their parents, they ensure the dynamic continuance of Leventis Hospitality.

Management & Support

Business management and support, startup business and consulting services, advertising and promoting, participation in promotional actions and projections, completed enterprise marketing research

Congress & Events

Congress & Event Organizers, Athletics events, Specialized Events, Incentive tours, organizing of outdoor activities. The Great Knowledge, our 40 years of experience and resources at our disposal, make Leventis 360o a competitive company with extensive experience in the region of Thessaly, with the design and implementation of conferences, corporate events, and business activities.

Travel Services

Air ticketing, Hotels / Rooms / Apartments / Reservations, Tours reselling, Tours creating / Package creating, Corporate / business travel, Tailor Made Holidays, Wedding, Honeymoon and Travel Packages, Group sales.

Thematic Programs

Thematic programs offer the opportunity to a large number of participants to meet for discussions, exchange of views, seminars and cooperation, activities that take place in the nature of the wider region of Thessaly.

Destination Manager Support

Be sure that your project, program or portfolio has the best chance of success, since all essentials are in place before large amounts of resources and investments are committed. Business management and support, startup business and consulting services, advertising and promoting , participation in promotional actions and projections, completed enterprise marketing research

Mamma Mia Weddings

Live your dream! Beach Weddings, Mountain Weddings , Garden Weddings, Church Weddings, Boat Weddings, Winter Weddings


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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 18:00pm.
In case of emergency outside opening hours and days please contact us in the number +30 693 673009-012 or fill the online contact form .

ADDRESS: Sykoutri 2
EMAIL: info@leventis360.gr
WEBSITE: www.leventis360.gr

Cover letter

  • 1980-1985 The baton delivery
    Since 1937 we continue the tradition and the touristic heritage our parents and our grandparents, Dimitris and Alexandra delivered to us. We maintained it but also updated it, by expanding the activities of our family business in 1980, by inaugurating “Les Hirondelles” Travel Agency. Since 1980 we have been increasing our fixed assets to current values by 2000%.
  • 1986-1999 The power of a family business
    We have always believed in the power of a family business and combining that with the contemporary requirements, we managed to organize a complete net of customer service in Pelion; through our four branch offices of our company in Volos, Agios Ioannis, Milina and Platanias, in order to support incoming tourism; thus, we have been playing a primordial role in Pelion and in the wider area of Thessaly.
  • 2000-2010 The targets of the new millennium
    On the other hand, through the difficult decade 1990-2000, our anxiety and first aim in parallel, was to manage to maintain innovation in all sectors of our services, always focusing on the quality of our services, combined with a “value for money” aspect, and creating in parallel groundbreaking connection services
  • 2011-2016 Our survival through difficult times
    Despite the economic crisis that harmed Europe and found Greece not ready to cope with the situation – difficult times for businesses – our company had already complied with all previous innovations, in reference to its infrastructures, a big part of which had already been renewed.
  • 2016-2020 The baton delivery
    The family’s new generation (in fact, the third generation) enters the battle of business running, after investing on specialized knowledge gained by university studies and experiences next to their parents; so they have created a flexible company that continues the family basic activities, while, on the other hand, they tend to expand their business horizon, by introducing new products and services, as well as business initiatives
  • 2020 -2024 Our aim
    At Leventis360, with a heritage spanning 87 years (1937-2024), we are dedicated to evaluating our legacy while embracing dynamic economic rhythms for sustainable development. We offer a range of services including promoting and supporting accommodation through social channels, providing catering services featuring ready-made camp meals and more. and venturing into service of rental and oranizing with options like cars and mini-vans. Our commitment to excellence drives our rapid growth and diversification, ensuring we meet the evolving needs of our clients with passion and precision.

We were born here in Pelion and are engaged in the tourism business since 1937 and thus we know the area extremely well.The services offered to the tourism business, bear the seal of the
Leventis family.

Our great knowledge, our 40 years of experience and all our available resources make Leventis 360° a very competitive company with extensive experience in the wider region of Thessaly, capable of designing and implementing conferences, corporate events, business activities, excursions, transports and supporting every kind of organized holidays a travel agent can offer.

Branch Office in Volos

Branch Office in Agios Ioannis

Company Transparency

Leventis 360° Private Company» (P.C.)


Office: Sykourti 2 Volos 383 33
V.A.T: 800715879 D.Ο.Υ. ΒΟΛΟΥ GEMI: 13807194400 ΜΗΤΕ: 0726Ε0000060301

Manager: Dimitris C. Leventis Sykourti 2, Volos 383 33
Co-manager: Leventis C. Alexandros Sykourti 2, Volos 383 33
Co-manager: Leventis S. Dimitris Nicotsara 194, Volos 382 22
Co-manager: Leventi C. Avra Kifisia 130 Γ, Athens 115 26


www.leventis-hospitality.gr , www.les-hirondelles.gr www.leventis360.gr, www.kentrikon-pelion.gr

Brand office
Agios Ioannis Pelion
Les Hirondelles  
Boutique Hotel Kentrikon

Les Hirondelles, Ermou 264, 38 221 Volos

Phone/Fax  : 24210 32171 / 24210 35030

GEMI: 13807194400 ΜΗΤΕ: 0726Ε0000060301

E-MAIL: info@leventis360.gr